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1. Log Foreign USB Drive Activity on your PC:
USB Drive Letter
USB Drive Label
USB Dirve Size
USB Drive Unique Hardware Serial
Logging exact time in seconds
List of files and folders on the USB Drive

2. You Can Disable All USB Mass Storage Devices on your PC.

3. You can Lock and unlock your PC:including Disabling the Task Manager by unplugging your Personal USB Drive and Unlock by inserting your USB Drive again.

4. You can uniquely identify USB Drives: inserted to your PC with the hardware serial number found in the log file.

5. You can save a copy of the log file and search through itfor specific files and the exact time they were moved or deleted from the USB Drives inserted.

6. USB Drive Monitor Can Lock our PC when a Foreign USB Drive is inserted. You can then access it by a password or by inserting your personal USB Drive.

USB Drive Monitor Quick Modes (Custom Options CanBe Chagned):

Access Key Mode: This Mode allows you to use your Personal USB Drive as an access key to your PC. When removed it secures your PC by activating a screensaver and disabling your Task Manger. To unlock your PC insert your Personal USB Drive.

Silent Logger Mode: This mode allows you to secretly log information about the USB Mass Storage Devices inserted to your PC. You can chose this mode and then click on “hide” button to hide the program from users.

Alert and Monitor Mode: When a Foreign USB Drive is inserted, this mode will generate sound alerts, text messages and will not stop until you insert your Personal USB Drive into your PC.

Attack and Secure Mode: This mode will delete files on the inserted USB Mass Storage Device, Disable Task Manger, Disable Mass Storage Devices, Activates a screensaver with a password protection, generates a sound alert, and only your Personal USB Drive or your Password will unlock your PC.

System Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0

Systems: WinXP

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